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Residential Snow Removal Services

Keeping your residential property clear and hazard-free requires a lot of time, specialized equipment, and heavy labour, so having an experienced snow removal contractor is imperative to ensure your safety during the Winter months.  Remember, the City of Calgary requires ALL residents by law to clear City sidewalks down to the pavement within 48 hours of snowfall or home owners face fines.

Lawn Guard currently offers multiple residential snow removal service plans:

  • Snow Guard Plan - A service plan where customers pay per snow removal, meaning you only pay for work that is done. Snow is cleared within 24-hours after the snowfall ends, every time it falls in excess of 1 cm. You can set the start date and end date for the service, and is completely free if it doesn't snow! 

  • Monthly Plan - Our pay-per-month continual service, where customers pay a flat rate at the beginning of each month. This includes unlimited snow removal every time snow falls in excess of 1 cm, within 24-hours after the snowfall ends. This is the easiest way to budget an insurance plan — you'll never pay more than you expected.

  • On Demand Service - Our one-time service where customers order through our website or through the phone as needed. Order where you want, when you want, and the snow clearing will be completed by a Lawn Guard professional within 24 hours!

What do I need to know? What's included?

Each Snow Removal service visit includes:

  • Professional snow clearing of all fresh snowfall from clearing area specified

  • Hard packed snow clearing from all clearing area specified, surcharges may apply for On Demand service

  • Application of ice melt, if it is ordered as part of service.


Standard clearing areas include: city sidewalk, front walkway & stairs, driveway, and side & backyard walkway for detached garage houses. Please specify the snow clearing area that suits your needs!

What is not included?

The below services are not included in a typical snow removal visit, but can be arranged as a special request:

  • Snow removal following a Unique Event (snowfall under 1cm, sleet, freezing rain, drifting snow, or flash freezing). If you are interested in services under these conditions, please ask us about our Premium Services.

  • The chipping and removal of ice build-up is not included in the normal service visit. If you are interested in ice removal, it will be charged at an hourly rate of $60/hour. Contact us now if you want ice removed from your property.

Pricing & Service Options

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